Parenting By Faith

It is every Christian parent’s desire to bring up their child in God’s ways.

It is every Christian parent’s desire to teach their child of God’s love and to love Him back with all their heart, with all their soul and with all their strength (Luke 10:27).

While the world has come up with so many ways for parents to rear their children, parents tend to forget and take forgranted that God has already given the best instruction on how to do this.  Systems and methods have been proliferating, seemingly to make parenting easier.  But what is it doing to the children?  Are we cultivating biblical moral values in their lives?

Biblical parenting is God centered, not child centered. Biblical parenting assumes that there are absolutes that must be taught to children. Practically, this tells us that children must be disciplined to conform to God’s direction. The child is ultimately accountable to God. Before God, children do not have the option of deciding that they won’t or can’t obey. This truth is what we must communicate to our children. It is a truth that will not change, even when your children are grown and have left your home.

Read about Parenting By Faith  by Shepherd Press.


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