Homeschooling And The Single Mom

I homeschool my son. Yes, I do!

“But you’re a single parent!  How do you do it – with work and all? Where do you find the time and the energy?”

“What about his social skills?”

“Is it because its cheaper than sending him to regular school?”

These are a few of many other questions I get when I tell others of my son’s education.   As a bible-believing follower of Jesus Christ, it has always been my goal to teach him of God’s ways.   More than anything, my goal is to teach my son to put God first and glorify Him in all the things he does – and that includes his studies.

It was definitely not a one-time decision that turned into an instant success. There were more than a few bumps along that road – there still are.

When he was old enough to go to school, I was working full time so the only option I was open to was to send him to a regular school. After searching and asking for referrals, we landed in a Christian school near our home.  But that ended up being a disaster of a decision because my son’s teacher ostracized him for being the son of a single mother (I’ve buried that hatchet so let’s not go into the details).

So before the school year even ended, I opened up to the option of homeschooling. For those of you who are not new to homeschooling, you would agree with me that this is a scary venture.  For me, self doubt came into play. After all, what qualifies me to teach my son?

Then the Lord gave me this verse:

Train up a child in the way he should go;

After speaking and consulting with friends and other homeschooling parents, it was crystal clear. God’s design was for parents to teach their children.  I made the decision to pull my son out and continued the school year at home.  Classes were conducted in the evenings when I got home from work.

It’s been four years since the Lord led me to make that giant leap of a decision and although we’d gone through trial and error situations, it’s been a continuous and consistent journey of God’s grace and faithfulness.

I write this while I wait for my son as he presents his school portfolio to our Family Adviser. What has my son gotten out of homeschooling?


  • His love for the Lord continuously grows with a deep hunger for His Word.
  • He has a burden to share the gospel by giving out tracts.
  • In all the things he does, his primary motive is to obey God, do his best, and put a smile upon His face.

These things alone has already made our homeschool a success. While I cannot claim credit for my son’s faith and his walk with the LORD, I am grateful for having been used to influence his life. I am grateful that even at a young age, God has revealed His love to my son, which I pray he would remember and carry with him as he grows

How do I manage?  It’s a daily dependence on God’s strength!  It’s a constant dependence on His faithfulness to His promises.

I’d like to share these 100 Reasons written by Marianne Sunderland on why Homeschooling is good for families.  Click HERE




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